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In recent years we have planned various district heat transmission pipelines with nominal diameters of up to DN 700. Mainly the PE-HD jacket pipeline system was used in these nominal diameter ranges. Other proven systems are steel jacket pipes and - especially in industrial zones - aerial pipes. We provide consulting and planning services for the appropriate technical and economical solution for your transmission pipelines. We conduct all work phases for such projects, such as:

  • Approval procedures with landscape conservation support plan 
  • Preliminary research within the scope of an environmental impact assessment (EIA)
  • Design in accordance with hydraulics and pipe statics
  • Route planning across waterways using pipeline bridges or existing bridge constructions
  • Railroad undercrossing
  • Shaft constructions for shut-off valves
  • Transition buildings for system changeovers
  • Operation platforms for shut-off valves, ventings and drainings in aerial pipelines
  • Civil engineering performances and traffic planning and management