Transmission pipelinesHeat networksCombined heat supplyRehabilitation/Modernization

Since the introduction of district heat in Germany at the beginning of the 20th century, a big variety of systems have been developed. Knowing these systems is crucial for the question: rehabilitation or modernization.

The rehabilitation of an existing system requires reviewing the condition, the technical and economical possibilities and the extent of the rehabilitation measures and determining the forecast for a possible further service life. In the course of this a rehabilitation strategy (period and operation during the construction phase) needs to be developed.


Rehabilitation measures do not necessarily concern the whole piping system and may only involve the replacement of components like expansion joints. For this purpose we analyze the status of the district heat system, its technical state and carry out pipe stress analyses and recalculations as well as the dimensioning and specification of the new component/s. In order to ensure heat supply and a develop traffic management solution during rehabilitation a concept needs to be developed in close coordination with the operator and the responsible authorities.