Heat plants / CHP

Our services in the area of generation include:


  • Planning criteria concerning location, TA Luft (the German Clean Air Act) and TA Lärm (technical instructions on noise), heat demand, economic feasibility study, heat generation and/or CHP, load profiles, fuels to be used, emission balances

  • Dimensioning, call for tenders, construction supervision for heat plants and combined heat and power plants (CHP) with system components:
    - Expansion and pressure maintenance systems
    - Pump stations
    - Water treatment plants
    - Heat storage facilities
    - Control systems (electrical)
    - Feeding, process measuring and control technology
    - Exhaust systems
    - Hydraulic integration, piping plans, heat insulation
    - Networking of satellite plants, i. e. hydraulic integration of several heat
      generation plants located apart from each other